VAT extension for small and mid-sized corporations plus more

Continueing its austerity measures related to Corona Virus (Covid-19) the Danish government has decided to postpone VAT payments for small and mid-sized businesses. Furthermore, the payment of “B-Skat” will also be postponed.

VAT small business

For small businesses, the current VAT-period (first half year of 2020) is combined with the second period (second half of 2020) and thereby any VAT due for payment on 1st September 2020 will be postponed to 1st March 2021. This means that the entire VAT of 2020 will be payable on 1st March 2021. If the business reports VAT, no extension will be enacted.

VAT mid-sized business

For mid-sized business, the current VAT (first quarter of 2020) will be postponed in terms of payment from 2nd June 2020 until 1st September 2020 (where both first and second quarter are payable). If the business reports VAT, no extension will be enacted.

B-Skat payments

B-Skat payments will be postponed in regards to April and May 2020. April (20th April) is postponed to June (20th june 2020) and May (20th May) is postponed to December (20th December 2020). These two months are ordinary payment free.
Furthermore, as a measure to secure cashflow, it is possible via the preliminary assessment to adjust expected result of the business leaving a lower rate or even repayment, depending on circumstances.