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United Tax Network Denmark has outstanding experience in tax advisory services with special focus to the area of expatriation. Our services are designed for every level and step in the global mobility process.


Your partner when moving people in the world

We are able to assist in all steps of the global mobility process with special focus on the tax implications. Every step during the expatriation requires its own unique feature and skill. The process can categorize in three major steps:



  • Tax analysis
  • Tax policies
  • Tax scenarios
  • Tax calculations
  • Tax planning (e.g. compensations structure)
  • Designing and implementing tax equalization politics


During assignment

  • Tax compliance
  • Preparation of tax returns
  • Tax treaty provisions
  • Tax protection
  • Double taxation avoidance
  • Communication with tax authorities
  • Personal tax advice (entry/exit briefings)



  • Tax cases and litigation
  • Settlements


Additional tax advisory and compliance services

  • Hydrocarbon taxation (North Sea, Denmark)
  • Hiring-Out Labour taxation
  • Permanent establishment (corporate taxation)


Connection to corporate taxation and transfer-pricing

We are able to take part in the process of delivery and analyze data for the TP-team to encompass in their documentation.



For examples please refer to our portfolio section.


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United Tax Network - Denmark is now Crossbord

The world is changing and so are we.

Our services are not limited to international tax, so we have changed our name to Crossbord, which better reflects all of how we can help you: 

We are your partner in all your global mobility situations where you cross the border in or out of Denmark.