Assignment compliance

Assignment compliance

The combination of the tax, social security, HR and payroll efforts going into successfully executing a global mobility project.



Relevance of assignment compliance

Assignment Compliance combines a number of the traditional areas of advisory services needed with action and administrative process as well. We keep the necessary resources to analyze complex tax, social security and payroll issues together with an engine that can engage upon the solutions found.


Monthly attention 

The global mobility administration is closely tied to many areas of the organization and despite having a road-map, policy, assignment letters etc., many situations call for ongoing expert knowledge and constant oversight.


Segmented outsourcing

A part of the assignment compliance solution is to segment the global mobility population and place the ongoing administration with your partner. This clears internal resources and applies relevant assistance that will track and act upon changes.


Global collaboration

United Tax Network – Denmark is a part United Tax Network Worldwide, which offers a global presence of advisers to rely on when local assistance is needed.


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United Tax Network - Denmark is now Crossbord

The world is changing and so are we.

Our services are not limited to international tax, so we have changed our name to Crossbord, which better reflects all of how we can help you: 

We are your partner in all your global mobility situations where you cross the border in or out of Denmark.