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New double tax treaty between Denmark and France

On March 23, 2023, Denmark passed L17 2022/2023 and thereby introducing (again) a double tax treaty between Denmark and France. The new double tax treaty will address the taxation of…

year-end statement 2022

Year-end statement 2022

The year-end statement (“Årsopgørelse”) for the income year 2022 will be available on March 13.  The majority of the year-end statements will be correct with no or minor adjustments from…

Double taxation – Denmark/USA double tax treaty – Article 4

In a recent Binding Reply, SKM2023.86.SR, the Danish Tax Council (“Skatterådet”) has ruled on tax residency (“Skattemæssigt hjemmehør”) in respect of the double tax treaty between Denmark and USA. Binding…

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United Tax Network - Denmark is now Crossbord

The world is changing and so are we.

Our services are not limited to international tax, so we have changed our name to Crossbord, which better reflects all of how we can help you: 

We are your partner in all your global mobility situations where you cross the border in or out of Denmark.