About us

United Tax Nework – Denmark (UTN) is a leading provider in services within global mobility specifically related to tax, social security, compliance and payroll.

UTN ordinarily services the employer with analysis, process, reconciliation and lessons learned making a full circle in every type of global mobility project.

We value long-term, integral cooporations with our clients since it creates the best platform for managing global mobilty projects. Teamwork is key to our success.

We assist some of the world’s biggest companies and known breands with our exploring approach to solving the everyday challanges of a global business.

The Danish UTN team mainly cosists of experts within tax, social security, payroll and compliance – but to a large extent we commit ourselves to carrying out solutions as well. This means that apart of the expert knowledge relates to process as well.

UTN is on a journey towards making authorities, companies and individuals working together for a common cause of assisting each other making sure business is carried out in a compliant manner.


UTN Supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

United Tax Network - Denmark is now Crossbord

The world is changing and so are we.

Our services are not limited to international tax, so we have changed our name to Crossbord, which better reflects all of how we can help you: 

We are your partner in all your global mobility situations where you cross the border in or out of Denmark.