Danish tax authorities have received Uber-information

In a recent response the Danish Minister of Tax unveils that the Danish tax authorities during September 2016 received information from the Netherlands tax authorities containing the complete list of Uber-drives in Denmark as well as their income for 2014 and 2015. The information is verified by the authorities. The information was obtained via an audit at Uber and has been shared with Denmark and Sweden.

The Danish Tax Authorities have initiated a project to verify that all Danish Uber-drivers have submitted the income earned correctly. If the income has not been reported it will initially be corrected and a special unit will then pursue to outline if any penal actions should be made.

To make it easier for people utilizing the share economy a special webpage has been created to provide the overall rules and principles.

Furthermore, the legal guide will hold a special section on how to declare the income derived from various share economy activities utilizing your car from 2017. A ruling signal was disclosed for commentary, which provides some insight to how the income should be managed.

Again, the above shows the level at which tax authorities around the world assist in sharing information in order to correctly assess taxation and that information today equals a digital trail. As such, we highly recommend to clarify the tax issues and carry out compliance measures in any situation.

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