Year-end reconciliation on Danish tax 2022

It is time to consider your global employees' taxes for 2022

It is time to consider year-end reconcilation for your employees and as the employer you are highly involved in making it a smooth and compliant process. We can assist!

Deadline for changing the Danish year-end statement (via payroll)

The deadline to change the first edition of the Danish tax statement is passed.

Tax returns are 95 % payroll

If you are like any other of the corporate clients (employers) we normally service, you will know that most of the information needed for your employees’ tax returns are handled and reported to the tax authorities by you.

Individuals in special circumstances need a sturdy organization and administration to ensure that their personal situation is handled compliant, trustfully and with no surprises on the economy. Hence, there is a bigger responsibility on the payroll administration to ensure correct withholding and reporting so that the expectations become reality. 

We offer a continuous focus on the case to make sure that compliance follows the situation. We do this with an integrated service in which the reality is constantly verified in accordance with the prior analysis. This way, we can flag potential changes that impact both the employer and the employee, which makes it possible to adjust the process, the situation, or the expectations to the economy.

Extended payroll process

Analysis of the case

  • Tax liability
  • Taxation right
  • Social security
  • Compliance requirements
  • Economy/cashflow

Process of data

  • Review data
  • Verify case
  • Process payroll
  • Report to authorities
  • Feedback to client

Year-end reconciliation

  • Verify the year
  • Adjust payroll to match expectations
  • Ensure withholding is correctly paid
  • Inform/finalize with relevant authorities


How do we onboard and operate clients?

Data exchange to survey and scope

We receive data for review and lay out an appropriate scope for assistance. The process includes mutual discussions on issues and potential gains. 

Review of data and recommendations

We review the details provided and deliver our recommendations for scope and service onboarding. 

Prepare data and processing

Based on scope and recommendations, we process the data for delivery to the authorities pending your approval. If payroll services are applied, the process is repeated monthly.

Submit to authorities

The data is submitted to the authorities.  

Reconciliation of economy and statement from authorities

The sum of the services is the final reconciliation along with the confirmation/year-end statement from the authorities which outlines the tax reconciliation for the year. This includes foreig tax credits along with settlements of taxes between employees and employer.


Reasons to engage us

Trusted advisor

We are recognized as a trusted advisor by global corporations and well-known brands. The basis of our delivery is rooted is expert knowledge on international tax and social security along with the ability to run compliance and payroll to facilitate the solutions found. 


We are devoted to ensure compliant behaviour and consider the modern client someone, who prioritize their compliance – not only in a context of operating legal but also appreciate the potential reputative benefits of doing so. 

Service to your employees

Your actions will directly impact your employees and will potentially generate friction or frustration that requires special care and authority to address and solve. The employees are the main focus of the service, but all the benefits is available to you, the employer.  

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Meet (some of) the experts

Magnus Vagtborg

Magnus heads United Tax Network in Denmark and has assisted some of biggest companies in the world for close to 15 years. He holds a double degree in law and business law with specialty in tax as well as an executive MBA in leadership.

Jacob Krushave

Jacob is in charge of delivery and oversees quality and compliance for United Tax Network’s clients. He holds a degree in business law with specialty in taxation. He teaches international taxation at Aalborg University and has total of 12 years of experience. 

André Christiansen

André is Assistant Manager, who handles projects as main contact and lead subject matter expert. He specializes in complex international tax issues and related subjects. Despite his short term with United Tax Network he has secured himself as a trusted advisor.

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United Tax Network - Denmark is now Crossbord

The world is changing and so are we.

Our services are not limited to international tax, so we have changed our name to Crossbord, which better reflects all of how we can help you: 

We are your partner in all your global mobility situations where you cross the border in or out of Denmark.