Are you up-to-date with your 2022 tax reporting? Deadline coming up!

15/02-2023 is the deadline for corrections of incorrect reports for the income year 2022

The deadline to change the first edition of the Danish tax statement is passed.

This concerns you as an employer if you:

  • in a given pay period in 2022 have reported an incorrect salary that your employee has been paid. You must report the correction and the employee must repay the excessive gross amount paid.
  • have withheld too much A-tax and labour market contributions during 2022. You must report the correction and repay the excessive withheld amount to the employee.
  • your employees have been working in several countries or as a secondee during 2022 and the income abroad has not been considered in the report

How is the proces?

If this is not done before 15/02-2023, you risk your employee receiving an incorrect year end statement

An incorrect year end statement can have consequences for you as an employer:

– Frustrated employees

– Mistrust between employee and employer

– Risk of reputation

– Employees paying excessive tax payments 

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Preliminary income assessment and year-end statement - what is the difference?

The preliminary income assessment is a kind of budget for your income and tax. It comes in November and shows your expected income and tax for next year.

The year-end statement is an account and overview of your tax for the last year. It comes in March and shows how much you earned and paid in tax.

Preliminary income assessment and year-end statement

If there are changes in your finances, you should correct the preliminary income assessment so that you continuously pay the correct tax. Otherwise, it will not match up when you get your year-end statement. You can risk of having to pay more tax or have an amount paid back to you.

You should check and adjust your preliminary income assessment when you receive it in November, or if you are:

  • Going up/down in salary
  • Have days when you work at home
  • Taking out loans
  • Starts/closes business

You should check your year-end statement when you get it in March to:

  • see if you get tax back or must pay back tax
  • see if there are any mistakes

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