Clearout of tax accounts and new limit invoked

The tax authorities have reduced the maximum payout limit for the tax account (“Skattekonto”) from DKK 350.000.000 to DKK 200.000. This means that any amount above DKK 200.000 that has no debit on the tax account will be automatically paid to the company’s NEM-Konto.

As part of the change all tax account payout limits were changed to DKK 0 on 15th June. This means that companies need to change to the desired limit in order to not have anything on the tax account paid out.

There are still outstanding loans (from the Covid-19 assistance). If the company has been using the tax account to offset negative interest in their bank, they may consider to request a premature back-payment on these loans suffice that the cash-flow allows it.

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