New agreement to supply the Danish labour market with more workforce

Denmark is struggling with lack of employable workforce, which has led to an agreement between the parties of the labour market and the government. The agreement holds a number of elements to secure more workforce to Denmark. Among those are several of them are dedicated to activate foreign (non-Danish) candidates. Specifically there will be:

  • Added focus on recruitment of skilled European workers
  • Added focus on recruitment of candidates in the Øresund-region (Swedish candidates)

As a Danish employer or a foreign employer with Danish presence there are many elements to consider to make the recruitment of foreign workforce a success. In particular, it takes some effort to ensure that the experience of dealing with a new system and the ties to the home country is a smooth. This is typically a joint effort between employer, employee and the authorities.

We are able to assist with advisory and compliance service to make the transition of the foreign workforce becomes a smooth ride in regards to tax, social security and compliance.

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