Interim holiday up for payment or remain in the company?

At the moment, the Danish Fund for Holiday Money (“Lønmodtagernes Feriemidler”) is sending letters in regards to the interim, frozen holiday funds.

The letter contains vital information as the companies still holding the interim holiday funds from the period Sept. 2019 – Aug. 2020 will now be required to pay these unless they make a chocie to kee them. The choice has to be made via If a company decides to keept the funds, they will still owe the amount to the Holiday Fund.

If the company does not make the choice the funds will be claimed automatically.

The funds are being indexed on a yearly basis and the current period is indexed by 1,5 % following the general salary development in the country. The index is applied by 1st May.

A company can always decide to make a voluntary payment of some or the entire amount at which point the indexing will be applied pro-rated.

Feel free to reach out, if you need any input on this matter.