2020 Taxes at focus

The yearend statement (“Årsopgørelse”) is now accessible via the tax portal (“Skattemappe”) online at www.skat.dk. This also means that it now is possible to amend in order to include the details not reported or adjust if the information is not presented correctly.

Important deadlines

There are a number of relevant dates to consider in the process of finalizing the taxes for 2020.

  • January/Februar: Information is gathered from employers, banks, mortgages, pensions etc. and sorted/treated at the tax authorities
  • March 15th : The first version of the yearend statement is available digitally
  • April 9th: Payout of surplus taxes (to Nem-Konto)
  • May 1st: Deadline for adjustments
  • July 1st: Deadline for information scheme (previously: self-assessment)
  • July 1st: Deadline for payment of taxes to avoid surcharge

Payment of taxes

Any outstanding taxes paid after 31st December 2020 will be applied a day-to-day interest of 1,8 %. If DKK 10.000 is paid end of January 2021, the interest will approximately be: DKK 10.000 x 1,8% x (31/365) = DKK 15

Any outstanding taxes paid after 1st July 2021 will be applied a surcharge of 3,8%

If there is still outstanding taxes after 1st July a total amount of up to DKK 21.798 (incl. surcharge of 3,8%) will be included in the 2021 withholding and the remaining will be claimed via three girocards.


It is possible to take a guiding test via the tax authorities in order discover if you should consider various dedctions. See more here (Danish).

Foreign income

If you have had foreign income, it is likely that you are liable to inform about this yourself.

Living abroad

If you are living abroad and have had income related to Denmark, you are likely to inform about this yourself.

Corona and 2020

Corona will have and has had quite an impact on the tax position and determinations during 2020 including new rules and principles for assessing income.

Moving to and from Denmark during 2020

If you have relocated during 2020 it is highly relevant to consider this in context of the taxation.

How can United Tax Network assist?

We specialize in the cross-border taxation for individuals, who have been posted, relocated or in other ways have had income in more than one country (besides Denmark). We can assess the sitaution and assist with the filing.

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