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New Year – New Rules

Photo 1_New Year - New Rules _ Did you forget your Payroll team

Did you forget your Payroll Team? 2018 brings along a new set of rules and standards from the Danish Tax Authorities and potential changes in the way to collaborate with the Payroll Team. (Download article) 3 Major Changes in Rules and Regulations Starting from 2018, individuals’ year-end statements (“Årsopgørelse”) and the tax return (“Selvangivelse”) has […]

A few elements to consider about the extension of the expat regime!


An extension of the inbound expat regime’s (“forskerordningen”) time frame from 5 to 7 years is good news for Danish companies in need of high-paid / specialized labor. This extension should, however, be followed by a “Note (!)” to potential candidates or already employed individuals on the scheme considering the extension of their stay. Often, the candidate takes […]

Styresignal vedr. øresundspendlere


Nyt styresignal til fortolkning af Øresundsaftalen SKAT har med SKM2017.424.SKAT udsendt styresignal med fortolkningsbidrag til Øresundsaftalen. Aftalen giver i visse tilfælde mulighed for, at Danmark kan beskatte personer, som er hjemmehørende i Sverige, der udfører arbejde i Danmark for en dansk arbejdsgiver, når de udfører arbejde i Sverige eller tredjelande. Styresignalet afklarer spørgsmål omkring 3-måneders […]