Charity Council

At United Tax Network (Denmark) we have implemented a “Charity Council” consisting of all employees. The CEO is chairman.

The charity council is responsible for choosing charities for which United Tax Network will donate in the event that the year has turned a profit. A certain percentage of the yearly profit is contributed.

At the annual meeting the representatives present their choice of charity and all bids are put to a vote. The charity with the majority votes is chosen. However, all members can opt to pledge “their” charity.

Charities supported…



  • Klovnesponsor (Danske hospitalsklovne)
  • Partner at Gestus Nord

Klovnesponsor 2017_80x30mm-2






  • Stafet for Livet – Aalborg; Main sponsor
  • Partner at Gestus Nord
  • Klovneløb, Danske Hospitalsklovne (skrabelodder)
  • Women V Cancer (Alison Sellar, Action for charity)
  • Chest Heart and Stroke, Scotland (Alison Sellar, Action for charity)
  • Børneløb (Rynkeby)
  • Stor klovnesponsor (Danske hospitalsklovne)



  • Stafet for Livet – Aalborg; Main sponsor