Social Security – what matters?

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Social Security Contributions – Size Matters! What, when, where, how much? –  more about social security (download article) Payment of social security contributions are mandatory for all European employers. As the payable amounts vary from country to country, it is not unimportant in which country your employees are covered, as you might be faced with an unforeseen liability.   3 TYPES OF EMPLOYEES TO CONSIDER IN […]

New Year – New Rules

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Did you forget your Payroll Team? 2018 brings along a new set of rules and standards from the Danish Tax Authorities and potential changes in the way to collaborate with the Payroll Team. (Download article) 3 Major Changes in Rules and Regulations Starting from 2018, individuals’ year-end statements (“Årsopgørelse”) and the tax return (“Selvangivelse”) has […]

A few elements to consider about the extension of the expat regime!


An extension of the inbound expat regime’s (“forskerordningen”) time frame from 5 to 7 years is good news for Danish companies in need of high-paid / specialized labor. This extension should, however, be followed by a “Note (!)” to potential candidates or already employed individuals on the scheme considering the extension of their stay. Often, the candidate takes […]