About us

About us

First of all do not be deceived by our tax label, because we do a lot of things that have nothing to do with tax.

We want to help companies to execute their international assignments at ease. To fulfill that ambition, we focus on four areas – tax, payroll, social security and HR. We then gathered these four areas into a one stop service that is called Assignment Compliance.

Our objective is to ensure tha‍‍‍t the company is compliant with the Danish authorities, and we want to deliver relevant personalized services to our clients efficiently and effectively.

What challenge?

Being involved in an international project excites us! We like the idea of being there for you in your attempt to achieve your goals. We are motivated as being the trustworthy one for you to lean, when the going gets tough, or when problems strike – we like to think ourselves as your emergency responder.

Satisfying spark

Solving problems when crossing borders is in our nature because we find satisfaction in your triumph. Furthermore, collaborating with your international team brings us fresh insights that normally come with new challenges for us to tackle. We do this by understanding your situation in a curious way, because it is in our utmost interest to look out for you. In short – we are driven to lessen your hassle while you stay focused in reaching your purpose.