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A few elements to consider about the extension of the expat regime!

An extension of the inbound expat regime’s (“forskerordningen”) time frame from 5 to 7 years is good news for Danish companies in need of high-paid / specialized labor. This extension should, however, be followed by a “Note (!)” to potential candidates or already employed individuals on the scheme considering the extension of their stay. Often, the candidate takes […]

Photo-Changes To The Danish Inbound Tax Regime2018

Changes to the Danish expat regime

  (article below video | Download article Changes To The Danish Inbound Tax Regime 2018)   Changes to the Danish Expat Tax Regime 2018 6 steps to consider on how to include Payroll Department The extension of the stay period and a change in the tax rate for the inbound expats are the new black in […]


Styresignal vedr. øresundspendlere

Nyt styresignal til fortolkning af Øresundsaftalen SKAT har med SKM2017.424.SKAT udsendt styresignal med fortolkningsbidrag til Øresundsaftalen. Aftalen giver i visse tilfælde mulighed for, at Danmark kan beskatte personer, som er hjemmehørende i Sverige, der udfører arbejde i Danmark for en dansk arbejdsgiver, når de udfører arbejde i Sverige eller tredjelande. Styresignalet afklarer spørgsmål omkring 3-måneders […]


What We Offer

Tax services

Assignment Compliance tax services United Tax Network Denmark has outstanding experience in tax advisory services with special focus to the area of expatriation. Our services are designed for every level…

Payroll services

Payroll services  “We specialize in Danish payroll and compliance suited for your needs” We assist international clients with Danish payroll reaching from running the entire salary process or merely doing…

HR Services

HR services includes “Global Mobility proves to be challenging in a number significant fields that impact your business and employees” We offer a range of supplementary services linked to the…

Get started in Denmark

Starting in DenmarkThere are a number of elements to attend to when starting a new country. We can assist with a start-up package that will make you ready to meet…

Assignment compliance

Assignment compliance The combination of the tax, social security, HR and payroll efforts going into successfully executing a global mobility project.   Relevance of assignment compliance Assignment Compliance combines a…

Social security

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